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Below are two chapters from Bonds.

Chapter Twenty Four

The school bell rang to end the day. Ben sat at his desk. He was exhausted. TGIF was an understatement by the time it was Friday afternoon. Taking Marilynn’s advice to take off the two days before Christmas Break gave Ben’s body a chance to recover from Selestino’s attack. He still experienced discomfort but he no longer needed painkillers to manage his pain. His headaches were not as bad, and he was walking and moving around, concealing the pain from his cracked ribs. The worst of it was behind him, but the healing process was slow going. He slowly leaned over in his chair, pick up his briefcase and walked towards his classroom door.  He did care it was time to leave. He was going home to rest. He thought about he was hoping that Maryilynn would be waiting for him when he got home, but she wasn’t when he arrived.

Ben sat in the sun room behind his house. The area gave him the illusion that he was in the country during the spring, summer, and early fall, before the leaves fell. He could see nothing but the trees. He reflected back on his conversation with Marilynn and her question: How could he promise her that he would be back each night? He reached for the phone on the table next to him and called his father. When he hung up twenty minutes later, he stared out the window. His mind was a highway of images, thoughts, and emotions. The collision of the three caused a backup that made it difficult for him to think. He wanted to prove to Marilynn that he would come home every night. He didn’t want to lose her. He pulled out his cell phone and searched the internet thumbing the screen until he found what he was looking for.

The phone rang three times before she picked up. Marilynn answered in her usual way; soft, with the welcoming tone of the South in her voice.

“I thought you would be over here by now,” Ben said.

“I had a few students in my room making up work. I’m still at the school. I should be there in an hour or so. Do you need anything while I’m out?”

“No, I’m fine. I don’t like sitting around the house doing nothing, but I feel much better after having time to rest.”

“That’s good to hear. How’s your head?”

“Slight headache. Overall, I feel like a new man. Hey, there is something you can do for me.”

“What’s that?”

“I was wondering if you had time to go to dinner with me tonight. Since we don’t have to work tomorrow, I want to take you out, maybe catch a movie or go to a performance in the big city.”

“I don’t have any plans other than taking care of you. A few of the teachers asked me out for drinks, but I told them that I have something to do. If you’d like, we can catch up with them.”

“No, I have something else in mind,” he said.

“And what might that be?”

“Nothing special. Like I said, just dinner. After our talk the other night, I just want to do something special for you that, I’m always coming back to you.”

“Ben, let’s not go there. The day has been going well, and I don’t want to ruin it with false promises. You can’t promise me that. We both know it. Let’s just leave it at that.” Ben heard the tension building in her voice.

“Can you be home by five?”

“It will be tight, but I’ll try. Like I said, I’m still at the school. The students are gone, but I have a few things to tidy up.”

“Leave them for Monday. Be here by five.”

Marilyn sighed a little on the other end. He could see her leaning her head to the left, shifting her fingers through her hair as she considered it.


Marilynn hung up the phone. Ben held his mobile and looked at the clock. It was 4:10. He pulled a few things together that were necessary for their dinner. The doorbell rang at 4:29. Ben answered with sweaty palms.

“You owe me, Wade.” It was Garrison.

“You’re my best friend. Why are you keeping track of favors?”

She snorted and handed him a bag, then kissed him on the cheek and walked back to her car. She rolled the window down as she backed out.

“Enjoy dinner! Call me when you get back. I want details. All the juicy details. Love you.” She waved her hand out the window as she drove off.

“Love you too,” he mouthed.

Ben took the bag into the bedroom and pulled out its contents. There was a card attached.

Nice touch, Garrison.

He made one more phone call to Ronnie.

“Beasley’s Bail Bond,” Ronnie answered.

“I know you looked at your caller ID. Just calling to let you know I can’t work tonight. I’m going out of town for a few days. I’ll call you when I get back.”

“Not a problem,” Ronnie said. “I’ll just keep the phones for the weekend. Hey.” Ronnie quickly caught him before he had a chance to hang up. “Come by and drop your paperwork off before you leave. I have to get it in by tomorrow.”

Ben felt a strange reaction to Ronnie’s statement. The usual feeling of excitement didn’t fill him. Instead he felt hesitation. The effects of his conversation with Marilynn were obvious. In the last year, two bondsmen had been killed while performing their duties. One was gunned down after doing a bond outside the jailhouse while walking to his car, the other while picking up a skip.

“I’ll ride through,” Ben said, “but it will have to be quick. I have dinner reservations.”

Ben hung up the phone and went into his bedroom. He took a shower and dressed, paying extra attention to his appearance.

At 5:10 Ben heard the door open. He went out to meet Marilynn.

“Wow, you clean up nicely,” she said with a tired smile. “I can’t go out with you looking like that. Look at me, I just got off work. My evening clothes are at my house.”

Ben reached behind the door and pulled out a dress.

“This should fit you,” he said.

“Look at you!” Marilynn walked closer and kissed Ben. She took the dress and went into the bedroom. “What about shoes? I still have to run home to get a pair of shoes that match.”

“The dress should match the ones you have on.”

Marilynn stuck her head out of the door.

“And how did you know the dress would match the shoes that I’m wearing?”

“A little birdie told me,” he responded with a grin.

“Uh huh. I’ll thank Garrison on Monday.”

“For now, let’s get a move on. We have reservations at nine.”

“Nine? Why the rush? That’s four hours from now.”

“Yes, but you can never be too sure about the traffic.” Ben hurried Marilynn into the bedroom. She emerged twenty minutes later. Her hair was still wet, and she was wearing the blue evening dress Garrison had gotten her, her hands on the high slit.

“You look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” She said with a bashful smile, feeling slightly underdressed. Her Southern upbringing resisted the idea of wearing something so revealing.

Ben smiled. The last time he’d planned a surprise and bought a dress for his date, he was the one left bewildered. Ben laughed to himself at how that night had turned out. That was the night he met Marilynn. Tonight he was giving his relationship with Marilynn the same chance.

“Let’s go to dinner,” he said with a warm smile.

Ben opened the car door for her. Marilynn kissed him before sitting. She was happy and in love. She looked beautiful. She felt beautiful. The gown graced her toes when she walked, freed her left leg for viewing, and hung in place at the back of her neck. Her abs were exposed by a low cut front and the back opened down to her waist, exposing her shoulders for the viewing pleasure of any admirers. Her entire leg was exposed to her thigh when she sat down. Ben closed the door. She smiled at him through the window.

He struggled some to get in the car. It was the first time he’d tried to drive the Mustang since the attack. The low center caused him to use muscles he hadn’t used in a while.

“Do you want me to drive?” Marilynn asked.

“No, no, I’m fine. It’s just this damn thing is so low.”

“Get low, get low, get low,” Marilynn sang in a false baritone.

Ben turned to her.

“Oh, sorry,” she said with a smile and a laugh.

 “I have to run by Ronnie’s for two minutes to drop off my paperwork. We’ll only be there for a second. We have a reservation to make.”

Marilynn stared at him with daggers in her eyes.

“Look, baby girl, don’t be so uptight. I swear, I’m only dropping off paperwork.”

“I didn’t say anything. I look too good to fight tonight. This dress is gorgeous.” She leaned over and French-kissed Ben until he thought he would pass out. When they pulled up to the bond office, Ben ran up the stairs. Ronnie was standing at the window, looking down at Ben’s car.

“We have to do this quick. I’m in a rush,” Ben said.

“Where are you going, guy?” Ronnie walked over to his desk as he watched Ben open the briefcase of money. He would put the money in the safe later.

“I’m taking Marilynn to dinner. I’m going to spend some of your money on her, at least my cut for this week’s bonds.” Ben set the money and the paperwork on Ronnie’s desk.

“That’s all right. I just love the sound of money.” Ronnie eyed the bills and counted it without seeming interested in the cash placed on the table. He turned to Ben and smiled.

“Have a little fun on me.” Ronnie counted out five hundred dollar bills and gave them to Ben. “Take care of that gal outside and I’ll see you when you get back. We got a lead on Selestino. Consider this my way of celebrating. It’s all because of you. One of your informants picked up a tip on him.” He grinned suddenly. “Damn, Ben, you are the man. You have saved my ass again. Take this money and have a good time for always coming through for me. When you get back, we’ll go get him. Just the two of us on this one. I can’t trust anyone else. I paid you in advance because you’re the best I got, the only one I can depend on to go with me to bring back Selestino.”

Ben silently picked up the empty briefcase. He eyed Ronnie.

He found Selestino. It was good news for Ronnie. Bad news for him. He was going to have to earn his money. Marilynn wasn’t going to like it. The car was right outside, and he knew she could see him. He was trying not to look concerned even though he was.

“Is everything okay?” Marilynn asked when he returned to the car.

“Sure. Why do you ask?”

“You seem flustered.”

“I ran down the steps, that’s all. Everything’s fine. I gave Ronnie his money and hurried back so we can get out of here. I’m trying my damnedest to make our reservation.”

Marilynn looked irritated.

“Benjamin Wade,” she began.

“Oh my, you used my full name.” He laughed. “I’m in trouble.”

“Yes, you are, because you are hiding something from me. You came out of the office flustered. Our reservation is not until nine. It’s only five thirty. There isn’t a place in the city that we can’t reach in three hours. Hell, there isn’t a place in Charlotte that we couldn’t reach in three hours. Why are you rushing?”

Ben leaned over and kissed Marilynn.

“I’m not hiding anything from you. I just dropped this week’s take and my paperwork, just like ever Friday. If something was wrong, I would tell you. That’s what this night is all about, trust and commitment. I need for you to believe me when I say that everything is fine. We’re going to dinner and this is going to be one of the best night of our lives,” he said.

 “Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise. I’ll let you know when we get there.”

Ben hopped on the freeway and they rode for twenty minutes more. Marilynn noticed that they were no longer in town. They were out by the airport. Her curiosity was piqued.

“Where are we going?” she asked again.

“No questions. You’ll know soon enough.”

Ben took the airport exit. When they arrived at the terminal, someone was waiting to take his car. Another man helped with their luggage, which he had put into the trunk before Marilynn arrived at his house. Ben motioned for her to follow. The three of them walked through the airport to a section Marilynn had never been in before. It was set aside from the commercial hubs. Their walk ended at a hangar with a brick front and a huge bi-fold door. The hangar was spotless, with no oil stains or smudges and a floor clean enough to eat off. Inside the hangar was a beautiful white Lear jet. “Dark Secret” was written across its exterior, and the code N123SL was stamped on the tail.

They boarded and were greeted by the stewards, who showed them to their seats. Marilynn couldn’t believe her eyes. The comfort of the plane exceeded anything she’d seen on television. The plane had all the amenities of home: a wet bar, couches, dining table, television, bathroom, lounge chairs, wood-trimmed walls, and carpeted floors. It was hard to believe she was standing in a plane.

“Good evening, Mr. Wade and Ms. Fields. My name is Brenda and I will be your stewardess during your flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica. If you have any questions, please feel free to page me using the button located on your seats. Our flight will take approximately two and a half hours. During our flight we have movies available for your viewing pleasure, drinks at the bar, and a special bottle of Moet on ice that we will serve when we reach maximum altitude. The bathroom is located at the rear of the plane. Feel free to move around as desired; just make yourselves at home and enjoy the flight.” The stewardess returned to her quarters.

Marilynn turned to Ben with the biggest smile he had ever seen.

“You’re so wonderful. God, you are so good to me! I apologize for asking so many questions. This is so incredible. I can’t believe people actually live like this,” she said. “How much does a plan like this even cost?”

 “Around twenty million, I’m guessing. Not sure,” he answered.

She leaned over to give Ben a kiss, then unbuckled her seat belt and sat on his lap.

 “How did you arrange this? When did you arrange all this?”

“Today. I thought it would be nice if I took you to dinner,” he said.

“You arranged all this just for me?”

“Well . . . you were the only one who answered the phone.”

She hit him.

“Yes.” Ben laughed a little at her disbelief. He understood. It was his first time flying in a Lear jet. The whole thing was actually his father’s idea, after their conversation on the phone.

“Oh, that makes me so hot for you. I want to make love to you right now,” she said.

She was definitely caught up in the fantasy. Ben pressed the stewardess’ button and Brenda was prompt in returning.

“We wish to not be disturbed for a while.”

Brenda smiled courteously.

“That will not be a problem. I’ll return with the bottle of Moet when you’re ready.” After saying as much, she turned and walked out of the cabin into the cockpit and closed the door behind her.

“You still haven’t told me how you arranged this. We are flying to Jamaica for dinner in a private jet. Oh my God!” She fluttered her legs in the air and let out a squeal, still sitting on his lap. Her body fell to rest with her face pressed against his. Their lips touched, followed by heavier kissing. She kissed his neck, her eyes closed, her breaths long and heavy. The slight brush of their skin led her to her next area of interest, closer to his shoulder before sucking on his skin. Marilynn raised her dress and lifted her leg, facing him, sitting astride, until nothing was between them but her lingerie and synthetic material. Ben felt her warm wetness as she started a slow grind counterclockwise, pressing and grinding harder against his manhood.

“I love you, Benjamin.” she said softly. Her tongue followed her words into his ear. His body tingled. She moved her hand down his chest to his zipper, pulling it slowly down before reaching in to find him ready to extinguish the lascivious fire that engulfed her body.

“Lift your hips,” she wanted less between them. She slid his pants downward. Ben stood erect, a salute to her sexual appeal. Her head lowered. He felt the warm of her mouth cover him. He held her head as he disappeared.  Her lips touched his base, and with a slight gag she pulled back. Time slowed for Ben. He was addicted, drugged with pleasure. He pulled her head upward and kissed her. His eyes told her. Marilynn moved her underwear to the side, and while still holding him in her hand she lowered herself pushing through the reaction that moved through her. Her head fell forward. Her hair hung straight.

Marilynn was now flying Ben’s plane. Her hands gripped the back of the lounge chair for support and she pulled herself harder and harder against his pelvic area. Her moans became verbal as their flight ascended into turbulent pleasures. She kept the rhythm, feeling nothing else but Ben touching her. The constant hum of the engines covered Marilynn’s acknowledgments of pleasure. She could still be heard by Brenda in the cockpit, who listened through the walls of the jet called Dark Secret. The pitch of her moan increased.  Marilynn let out her final outcry. She held Ben tight as she reacted, continuing her movements until she felt him pulsating and shaking in her arms.

Satisfied and exhausted, Marilynn laid on the floor 40,000 feet above the earth. Only knowing that the plane was crashing would have made it more intense. They nestled in each other’s arms and Ben’s thoughts fell back to his plans for the night.

“I’m going to the bathroom to clean up. I don’t want to ruin my dress any more than I already have,” Marilynn said. She closed the door behind her. Twenty minutes later they sat in their seats, holding hands across the aisle, looking forward to a beautiful weekend in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

“Are you ready for that glass of wine?” Ben asked. He pressed the stewardess button and Brenda returned with a bottle of Moet in a bowl of ice on a cart. She set the brakes on the cart and poured two glasses.

“Grape juice, please,” Marilynn requested. Brenda poured a glass of sparkling grape juice from a bottle she pulled from under the cart and set it with the other bottle on ice. She unlocked the brakes of the cart and disappeared back to the cockpit.

“To us,” Ben toasted. Their glasses met and they drank.

“Again, I have to ask,” Marilynn said, “how did you arrange all this?”

Ben smiled and gave a little laugh.

“I called my father. He has a few wealthy friends. I told him that I was going to ask you to marry me tonight and that I wanted to take you somewhere special for dinner. I don’t really know how he arranged it; he just told me to go to the airport and everything else would be taken care of.”

Marilynn was speechless. Ben pressed the stewardess button once more and Brenda appeared on cue. Ben got down on one knee and Brenda handed him a small box. Ben opened the box to reveal a diamond engagement ring.

“Marilynn, you said there was no way to promise you that I would come back every night. Well, there is a way to promise you that I will try my best for the rest of my life. Marilynn Fields, will you marry me?”

Marilynn knelt down and looked into Ben’s eyes. She took his hands into hers and a tear ran down her face. She was speechless. Ben waited for her to say something.

“Yes. Yes, Benjamin Wade, I will marry you,” she said. Ben slid the ring onto her finger, and she kissed him to seal the deal.

“That was so beautiful,” Brenda said. “How about a picture to help remember the moment?” Ben gave her his cell phone. She pressed the screen and a shutter sound confirmed she had taken the picture. “We should be landing soon. Congratulations on your engagement. I wish you both many years of happiness. When you are ready to fly out of Jamaica, just call the number on this card. We’ll remain on the ground until you’re ready for departure. ”

Ben thanked her and took the card. He made a mental note to call his father when they landed to thank him for arranging the flight.

The plane landed at 8:20 p.m. A driver was waiting to transport them to the restaurant.

“This car ride won’t be as fun as our ride in the limo,” Marilynn said with mock disappointment. “I guess we already had our fun for the night on the plane.”

“I don’t know about that,” Ben said. “Lincoln Town Cars can be fun.” A fire burned inside him as he looked down at her cleavage, watching her bosom rise and fall with her breathing.  She turned to him.

“Ben I’ve had an incredible night. I can’t imagine how it can get any better. I just know that it will.” She reached for Ben’s hand until she felt his fingers between hers. His hand was warm. She kissed him. “Tonight sort of makes me wish that I had majored in business. It’s unreal that people live like this. I understand why you want to live beyond the means of a teaching salary. It’s fun. But there has to be another way other than bonding if that’s what you want.”

“Not that I can think of, unless you want me to sell drugs.”

“Oh, that will go over well. A teacher slash drug dealer. I think your chances are better being a bondsman.”

Ben laughed and agreed.

“To live this kind of lifestyle, you have to create, produce, control, or sell. My goal in life is just to make eight million before I die. I’m not greedy.”

“Eight million dollars? No, you aren’t greedy at all. Heck, why not make it an even ten mil for good measure? If you make eight million, we can at least fly first class, although another flight in Dark Secret is out of the question.”

“Mrs. Benjamin Wade. Mrs. Marilynn Wade. Hmm, Marilynn Wade doesn’t have the same pizzazz as Ben Wade. Your name sounds like the main character in a novel. My name sounds like I got the part of the tree. Marilynn Wade,” she said again slowly, trying to feel the words. “I guess it sounds the same as Marilynn Fields, except now I’m all the way at the end of the alphabet. How the hell did you ever get to go to the bathroom in school? You were last for everything, weren’t you?”

“Yep. I was always at the end of the line. Nothing behind me but X-Y-Z. Nobody’s name starts with the letters X, Y, or Z except killers like Zimmerman, Yates, and Xandido,” he said. “It’s wasn’t so bad in kindergarten. When they reversed the lines—you know, to be fair—I got to go first. But once I got out of elementary school, I was screwed. Graduation was a bitch. Out of five hundred graduates, I had thirteen people after me. By the time I walked across the stage everyone just wanted to go home. The principal damn near threw my diploma at me.”

They smiled and laughed until they were bending over. Marilynn’s hand fell on Ben’s shoulder and she gasped for air. She brought her laugh under control before trying to speak.

“When do you want to do it?” she asked him.

“I don’t think now would be an appropriate time,” he said in a hushed voice, feigning regret. “Town cars don’t have a privacy window. I’m thinking when we reach the hotel.”

Marilynn reached for her cell phone lying on the seat and threw it at Ben. He caught it.

“Hey, I gave you my best answer.”

“Stop being silly. You know what I’m talking about. What date should we set for our wedding day?” Marilynn looked down at her ring. She was gleaming just as brightly as the diamond on her finger. “Did Garrison pick the ring out too?”

“No she didn’t,” Ben said with pride. “And it wasn’t TJ’s. I wouldn’t recycle an engagement ring. Not like that, anyway. Although I did give a girl one of those half love charms. When we broke up, I just gave it to the next girl. I told her it symbolized my heart.”

“That is so tacky.”

“It was. The ring is a hand-me-down, though.” He held her hand in his. “My mother gave it to me. It belonged to my grandmother. I had the diamond replaced, upgraded it to a one point five carat.” He held out his hand to display a ring he was wearing. “I had the original stone set in this one. I’m sure my mother wanted me to give it to my wife-to-be, but I decided to wear it close to me. I’ll give it to my son, and he’ll give it to his.” Marilynn gazed at the diamond on his finger. It was only a half carat, but it was very beautiful. In a way, Marilynn wished he had given her his grandmother’s ring. She could see in his eyes how special the stone was to him.

“Why don’t we get married this weekend, tomorrow?” Ben said suddenly. “We have a jet waiting at our disposal. We can find someone that will marry us, even if we have to fly to Vegas. What do you say?”

“No.” Her voice was decisive. “I don’t want a rushed wedding. My wedding day will be my special day. I want it to be perfect.”

“It will be perfect. We’ll have each other. Isn’t that what you said in the car?”

“Ben, I know I said meager is good, but that doesn’t apply to my wedding day. I want a big wedding with family and friends. I want wedding pictures for the wall and memories of my mother crying tears of joy. We don’t have to spend a lot of money, but I want our families to be there.”

Ben looked off into the distance.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”

“No, you’re fine. You have a right to talk about your mother.” He gave a half smile. “There’s no gag order preventing people from talking about their mothers around me. I had my time with my mom. I couldn’t imagine it any other way than your mother being there to see her baby get married. Besides, Mom will be looking down on us.”

The car pulled up to the Half Moon Resort. Their dinner reservation was in ten minutes at The Sugar Mill, so Ben checked in and asked that their bags be placed in their room. He took Marilynn by the hand and followed the porter to the restaurant. The hostess had lovely dark skin and a smile that embodied the Caribbean.                         

“Welcome to the Sugar Mill Restaurant, Mr. and Mrs. Wade. Your table is ready. My name is Drusilla. If you’ll please follow me to your table; we have you sitting out by the water wheel in the courtyard.”

Drusilla collected two menus and neatly tucked them under her arm..

“She’s beautiful,” Marilynn whispered as they followed Drusilla to their table and its majestic ocean view. Their table was among a limited number of others. Candles sat on each table, aided by lights placed about the courtyard

“Here we are, Mr. and Mrs. Wade. Your waiter will be with you shortly.” Drusilla left, and moments later a young man appeared.

“My name is Algernon. What drinks would you like to start with this evening?”
            “I’ll have the house beer. Bring your nicest white wine for Mrs. Wade,” Ben ordered, smiling in her direction.

“No, please, just water.” Marilynn said. “I’m feeling a little queasy from the flight.”

“For an appetizer you may wish to try the Pimento-smoked Marlin or the jerk chicken spring roll, which is my personal favorite. Our soup of the night is pumpkin with garlic croutons. Other favorites of our guests include Jamaican red pea soup and the daily curry pot special. For your entree, please consider the broiled Caribbean lobster tail and our certified Angus Beef strip loin served with Cassava Tobacco and jerk onion butter seafood. I’ll return in a moment, after you’ve had time to look at the menu, with your drinks and to take to your order.”

Their dinner was fabulous. Marilynn and Ben finished their meals and ended the night with a little homemade ice cream and mango cheesecake.

“What do you say we walk the beach for a while?” Marilynn asked.

Ben looked off into the distance. The waves crashed and receded under the moonlight.

“I think that’s a great idea. Let’s take a walk.”

Algernon brought the receipt and Ben signed for the amount plus a 20% gratuity. The two of them walked through the gate that opened up to the sandy white beach.

Ben closed his eyes as he walked, listening to the waves and feeling the breeze against his face. He could hear Marilynn laughing in the wind behind him.

“This is like paradise,” she said. “If only the girls back in the mountains of Cowtown, North Carolina could see me now. I’m in Jamaica for dinner! I’ve never been this far from home before.”

Ben almost fell over from her tackle. Marilynn wrapped her arms around him from behind and kissed his cheek with force.

“I love you, Ben Wade,” she said.

Ben grabbed her arms and kissed the side of her forehead. He laughed a little and turned to her.

“You really look beautiful tonight.”

“I’m wearing a beautiful dress. Everyone looks beautiful in Jamaica,” she said. “But thank you.”

“It’s not the dress or Jamaica. It’s you. You really look beautiful.” Ben’s eyes were kind and warm. He was looking at his future wife.

“You look nice yourself.”

“Marilynn, I want you to know I love you.”

“Ben, tonight I’m easy to convince.” She laughed. “I gave up my candy on the flight over. There’s no other reason for you to do all this other than for the fact that you love me.” She kissed him. “I know. If you never said it, everything you do tells me.”

They held each other while walking the beach, gazing at the extra twinkle in their eyes from the Jamaican moon.

“Ben, I’m the happiest girl in the world right now. King Kong ain’t got nothing on you.”

“I don’t know.” Ben lifted his head as if he was thinking. “He did an awful lot to prove his love. He fought a Tyrannosaurus Rex.”

“He did,” she laughed.

“And he fell to his death. I love you, but I don’t know if I would go that far.”

“You don’t have to say you will. I know you’d die for me.” She grinned.

“And how do you know that?”

“Because of the very last line of the movie, ‘Beauty killed the Beast.’ Beauty killed the beast, and I am your beauty.   They walked a little further until sitting in the sand to watch the waves.

“Why do we have to go back home?” Marilynn ran over to the waves, holding her shoes in her hand. “This place is so beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere as beautiful as Jamaica.”

“Hey, that’s another first.”

“Tonight, being here in Jamaica, you’ve given me my very own enchanted kingdom. Not in a bad way; in a magical way. This place, with you here with me, is magical. Magical! Beautiful! Romantic!” She held Ben’s hands and pulled them to her lips. The night’s events pushed tears to her eyes. She was on a beautiful beach. She was with the man she loved. “I trust you with my life, Ben. No secrets between us. Promise me, promise that we will always be honest with each other.”

Ben thought back to his conversation with Ronnie. When they returned to the States, he and Ronnie were going after Selestino. Now was the chance for him to put an end to her fantasy, to test their love, to see if she could deal with his decision. If she couldn’t, then they could leave their love in Jamaica and go back as friends; no harm, no foul. She’d told him that it was her choice to stay with him or not. He wanted to tell her the truth and let her decide.

“I promise. No secrets,” Ben said.

Marilynn smiled with contentment.

They stayed out late on the beach before going back to their oceanside suite. Before they slept, they added another first to Marilynn’s list of things she had never done before: making love in Jamaica.

Chapter Five

The teachers’ lot was still full of cars but he was alone. He seemed to be the first leaving but he was more likely last after what transpired. Ben glanced in the direction of the woods where the police looked for the attacker’s trail. It was quiet, but hours entire grounds were being combed by police officers and dogs. His mind flooded with screams and ignored pleads for mercy. His eyes watered, and he closed them trying to clear his mind. When he opened his eyes again, he noticed a police car parked by the tree line.

Community confidence, he thought. He pulled his keys from his pocket to unlocked the car door. He got in and drove home still thinking of the young girl. When pulled into the drive, there was a moment of mental escape as he watched garage door open to reveal the back wheel of the Ducati Superbike. It was time for a little stress relief.

Instead of calling Catherine, he figured he would just ride over to her house taking the long way for the scenic route. Catherine lived about twenty minutes away going through town—thirty-five minutes if Ben took the bypass that circled the city. He caught the bypass at Ellington and Main. The speed limit was 65 mph. Ben was already at 92. The faster he went, the less he thought about the little girl going through such a terrible ordeal. He focused on the cars around him, objects in the road, the sound of the engine, and the possibility of death if he fell. Ben grew up on dirt bikes and Motocross. He was use to risk. He considered the consequences of being pulled, and the bike’s engine mirrored his thoughts. The speedometer went down to 85 . . . 75 . . . He held his speed at 70 and flowed with the traffic until he reached Catherine’s exit.

            Her silver Prius was in the driveway. He pulled in beside it, got off the bike, and walked to the front door. Fumbling in his pocket, his fingers found the key Catherine had given him, and he quietly let himself in. Catherine was in her cluttered office space with papers around her, open books, and a mug of coffee preparing for a case.

“Hi, baby. I wasn’t expecting you until later tonight. I’ve missed you!” She put the file on the floor and ran over to hug Ben. “It’s all over the news that you guys had a rough morning at the school. Kristen Collin aired the story in the middle of the Morning Show.”

            “Yeah, one of our girls was raped while walking to school. I’m sure the police would have liked to have kept the whole thing quiet until they had some answers. But you know the Candlewood community; it’s old-money filled with all your daddy’s friends. Parents would have crucified the police if they didn’t warn them and another girl was hurt.”

            Catherine smiled and took his backpack from him. “They would cover it up as an act conducted in the best interest of the public. It was a good move, to make the school a hotspot. The attacker will be less likely to try again.”

“What are you doing?” asked Ben, watching her walk across the room.

 “Putting your bag in the closet.”

 “I’d rather just leave it in the living room.” He took the bag from her and set it near the baby grand. Catherine watched him, then went over and moved the bag to the closet before returning to her paperwork on the floor.

            “When you’re ready to leave, let me know. I’ll get it for you. No one will trip over it if it’s in the closet.”

            Catherine was a stickler for cleanliness. The cleaning lady came twice a week to dust, clean, and straighten. Catherine cleaned herself the other days.

“There isn’t anyone here but the two of us. Who’s going to trip over it?”

She didn’t respond, taking it to be a rhetorical question. Ben stepped into the bathroom. When he walked out of the bathroom, Catherine got up and cut the light off behind him. Leaving lights on was against house rules.“ The maid for hire is at your service.”

 “Fine,” Ben said with irritation in his voice. It was difficult at times to make their relationship work, but when it was working, Ben was happy. Catherine often told him that she was making him into a better man. He usually ignored such comments. He thought he was a good man already and didn’t need anyone trying to change him.

             “How about dinner tonight?” Ben asked. He was in the mood for romance. He wanted to replace his heavy thoughts with lighter ones.

            Catherine looked up. “Sounds good. I heard about a new little restaurant downtown, Gustava’s. The owner went against one of the cooks on Supreme Chef and won. It’s the talk of the office. They say people drive from all over because the food is absolutely delicious. ”

Ben laughed. “If I drove four hours to eat at a restaurant I would say the food was good too to avoid looking like a fool. I wouldn’t go back and say, ‘ the food tasted like shit.’”

He sat down next to Catherine. She looked at him and smiled, recognizing the look he wore when he had a lot on his mind.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“You’ve had a tough day,” she said. “We need to set our wedding so I can take care of you on days like this. You’ll come home from work tense and wound up, and I’ll do whatever I have to do to relax you.” She nibbled at Ben’s ear as she lowered her voice and continued to talk. Her legs spread east to west.

“It wouldn’t take me long to relax you, baby. Soon as you walked through the door I would relax you like a woman is supposed to relax her man.” She kissed Ben softly under his ear, working her way to his lips. “It’s hard for me to give you extra attention when we live in two separate homes.”

Ben hadn’t asked Catherine to marry him. She’d just said one day that the two of them were getting married. They’d been dating for six months, and Catherine thought it was time to talk about their future together. She declared their engagement ten days later.

“Ben, I love you. We’ll always be together. One day we’ll have a little Benjamin running around. You’re going to be a father and I’ll be your sweet, beautiful wife. We’ll do all the things that your family did when you were growing up, like traveling to the beach and abroad and going to the children’s soccer games. I want at least three kids. After family time, we can tuck the children in for the night and go to our bedroom and work off the day through the night.”

Ben wanted to get married and be a father. What she was saying sounded good to him. She could afford the best life had to offer and could share those benefits with the one she loved. Marrying Catherine would make sense, but he was moving slower than she was. She was used to having things her way, so she’d simply decided that Ben would marry her. She knew what was best for both of them. Any man could recognize what she offered. Catherine offered a connection to inner circles, opportunity, wealth, and power. Catherine said she loved Ben, but he knew her love required that he live by her rules.

“What can I do to help you feel better?” Her lips were still tracing his. “A nice massage, perhaps?”

“Well, you can take me to your bedroom.”

Catherine smiled. “Do you need for me to relax your mind, baby? Does my baby need for his woman to . . . hmm . . . give him some special time?”

“He does. He really does,” Ben answered.

Catherine took Ben’s hand. “Whatever you want to do, we can do. You just ask me, baby. But not until after we get back from dinner. I’ll be the fantasy that makes you forget everything that happened today. But you have to wait. Now isn’t the right time.”

“It’s not? But . . . ” Ben tried to protest and convince her otherwise, but Catherine had already turned her attention back to her reading.

Ben snapped out of his moment. He actually believed that, for once, Catherine was going to be there for him when he needed her and not when she’d penciled him into her inflexible schedule. He’d believed that she actually felt his pain and understood his needs.

“Sure.” Ben stood up. He kissed her on the forehead. “We can wait until later, when it’s more convenient.”

            He walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. He was still hurting for the young girl who was attacked. He wanted to talk to someone about what he was feeling, but there wasn’t anyone to talk to. Catherine was emotionally unavailable at the moment. She’d reminded him that there was a hole in her life that he was supposed to fit into, and he’d been trying to get into the wrong hole. He pulled out a bottle of apple juice and poured a glass. His cell phone rang. It was Ronnie.

“I got one for you,” he said. “DWI. They’re waiting for you. Name is Linda Davis. Her husband is here with me at the office. I‘ve done their paperwork already; I just need for you to bond her out.”

Ben was glad to get the call. He wanted to leave. The call just gave him a friendly excuse. If the call had been a wrong number, though, Ben still would have used it as an excuse to leave. Perhaps doing a bond would help get his mind off the girl.

            Ben walked back into the study to kiss Catherine.

            “I have to go. Just got a call from Ronnie.” He could tell from her face that Catherine was perturbed, and he thought it might be the haste he couldn’t keep from his voice. She kissed him and walked him to the door.

            “What about dinner?” she asked.

            “I’ll be back after I do the bond. We’ll try Gustava’s for dinner. If you like, I can meet you there since I’m riding the bike. Or if you don’t want to ride the bike, I can go home and get my car.”

            “Come back here. If necessary, I’ll drive my car. It’s a nice night for a ride. We’ll decide when you get back. Love you.”

            She closed the door as Ben walked away and waited at the door until she heard him crank the bike and ride off. She loved Ben, but there were a few things she needed to change about him. Ben was resisting, but she would make him the ideal man for her. He would get there. Ben would thank her after they were married for improving him. He was going to become a great man, one she could really love.

Ben pulled up to the jailhouse. Several bondsmen were already there, talking to clients. He waved to Maude, Ronnie’s main competitor. She was a high-rolling bondswoman who made a name for herself in a man’s business by hiring big guys to perfect the same bonding techniques used by Ronnie. In short, she had them kick ass.

Maude walked over to him.

“Are you still happy with Beasley?” she asked. “I can use you on my team.”

“I’m fine, Maude. Appreciate it, but I’m good with Ronnie.”

She’d known his answer would be no. She just wanted to plant the seed, just in case. Ronnie ran the top bonding business in the area, and Maude was well aware of how well he treated Ben.

Ben walked into the holding area and called for Linda. As usual, the jailhouse had all types of people in the waiting room trying to get their friends and loved ones out.

            It only took twenty minutes for Ben’s client to come out. She was still a little drunk when she sat down. Linda Davis was a Caucasian woman who appeared to be in her late sixties, upper middle class, probably, and looked like she could have been attractive when she was younger.

“I apologize for making you come out for my dumb mistake,” Linda said.

“Not a problem. It’s my job,” Ben assured her. He said it jokingly, but it was true. He wouldn’t have this job if everyone followed the law, and he wouldn’t be the only one out of work. He thought of the number of people that would lose their jobs if everyone followed the law. Jailers, judges, lawyers, food service personnel, construction workers, prison workers, police officers, street-level parking monitors, SBI, FBI, CIA, the secret service, countless others, and of course, the bail bondsmen. No one was interested in doing away with crime. Managing it made money, lots and lots of money, as long as the crime was contained.

Name, Social Security number, nearest relative, work number . . . Ben asked the important questions even though Ronnie had already taken the application. You can never have too much information in the bonding business. Ben always found himself looking for more.

He finished up Linda’s bond and submitted the paperwork to the magistrate. The two sat at the window talking about general stuff while the paperwork was processed. He signed off on the bond and Mrs. Davis was cleared for release.

“I hope you were nice in there,” he told her. The guards made unruly guests stay longer.

“I think I was nice to everyone. They are just the loveliest people,” she said. Mrs. Davis was a sweet lady. She thanked Ben before rising unsteadily from her seat. He waited for her to come out before he left and gave her his card before they shook hands good-bye.

             “Give me a call if you need me again. I’m expected for dinner with my girlfriend. It’s been a pleasure, Mrs. Davis,” he told her.

Ben was one of the more courteous bondsmen. He was big on customer service and treating his clients with respect instead of like street trash, which was how some of the other bondsman regarded their clients.

“Young man, I hope that this is the last time I need your services. But I want to invite you over to the house one night. My husband and I would love for you to join us for dinner.”

Ben put on his helmet.

“I would love to, Mrs. Davis.” He had a feeling she was a great cook. ”You have my card.”

He straddled his bike and cranked it, accelerating down the street until he reached the speed limit before he eased off the throttle.

            “Phone on.”

The Bluetooth box embedded in his helmet activated.

“Dial Catherine,” he said.

“Hello?” Catherine said when the call went through.

 “I’m on the way. I’ll give you a call when I’m outside.”

            “Okay. I’ll see you soon,” she said.

He called her again when he arrived at her house.

“I’ll be right out,” she told him. The door opened and Catherine walked out.

            Wow, Ben thought. Catherine had changed into a revealing dress, possibly inappropriate for riding a bike, but stimulating and sexy. She locked the front door and walked down the driveway to where Ben waited and climbed onto the bike.

            “I’ve never seen that dress before.” He was distracted by the way the dress outlined the alluring body that she worked so hard to maintain.

            “I bought it over the weekend. Since you seemed to need a little something extra tonight, I thought I’d wear it for you. Sort of an appetizer for later.” She nuzzled a kiss on his neck. Ben appreciated what she was doing, but the moment for support had passed. She hadn’t been there for him when he needed her. Instead, he’d found comfort in a casual conversation with a sixty-two-year-old woman jailed for having too much to drink. Mrs. Davis had been good for him. Ben was aroused, but his attraction was physical and not emotional as it had been earlier when he’d needed to decompress the emotions of the day. What would come later would be strictly an instinctive act and not an act of love and tender emotions.

            The wind taunted Majorie’s dress, revealing the lower edge of her buttocks. The exposure forced her to hold her dress as they rode. At some point she gave up and just let it flap. It wasn’t worth the hassle. Passersby made cat calls, whistled, and honked their horns. It was to be expected. Catherine was stunning. Any man would feel a lustful fire burn after seeing her in her dress, especially on the back of a motorcycle. Ben was enjoying the ride. He felt romantic, and to enhance his feelings he decided to ride the back roads. The country air was nippy. Catherine pressed against the warmth of his body. He was the perfect shield from the cool air. Catherine loved riding with him. Ben was her knight of Camelot. She loved him more than any other man before. It was only a matter of time before they married. He had all the basics. Just a few tweaks to his character and she could accept him for who he was. She smiled thinking about the possibilities.

            It was a beautiful night. The stars hung overhead like watchful angels. There was only the sound of the bike’s engine humming a tune to each mile they rode, piercing the quiet of the silent countryside. Once they passed the silence relapsed, returning the night to nothingness. The road looped through the countryside back around to the highway at the east end of Whitesville. Ben exited onto the highway and released the bike’s horses to run wild and free. They galloped at full speed as he pushed the bike past 85 mph. He reached 90 before he stopped accelerating. He’d been cruising at 90 for several minutes when a siren sounded. The officer had been parked behind a patch of trees embedded by an exit ramp. Ben was going 90 in a 70 mph zone. The officer could take his license. Even worse, Ben could go to jail and lose his teaching job.

            “Oh, shit,” Catherine said via Bluetooth. Her heart was beating fast.

“Relax,” Ben told her.

            “What will you—” Before she could finish her sentence, the engine grew louder. The speedometer jumped from 90 to 97 to 110. The lights grew smaller for a moment and then held their tiny reflection in the mirror. The police car had matched Ben’s speed. Ben went from 110 to 115 mph. He knew that regardless of how fast they went, they couldn’t outrun the police radio, and the speed he was traveling at was too dangerous with Catherine on the back.

With substantial distance between the bike and the officer’s car, Ben exited the interstate and zipped through the side streets, turning at each intersection, accelerating and turning and accelerating again as fast as he could.

Ben turned onto a main drag and dropped his speed to the posted 45mph. They met an oncoming police car with its siren on. When Ben passed him, the police made an immediate U-turn and accelerated until he was right on Ben’s back tire. The officer cut his lights. Ben continued to drive the posted speed.

Motorcycle and police car continued as a pair for several blocks until they reached a red stoplight. Catherine laid against Ben’s back. Her palms were sweaty and her legs felt weak from nervousness. She wondered how things could get any worse.

Ben never looked back, but watched the cop using his side mirrors. The light turned green and the pair continued. The cop was waiting for Ben to run. Ben sighed and continued driving 45 mph. Catherine was still leaning against Ben, holding him tightly. She was shaking, nervous from the thought that Ben might be arrested and from riding at speeds of 110 mph and faster. Ben felt her shaking. If they implicated her, she could also be arrested and would have to face the same legal system that she upheld.

An on-ramp to the highway was coming up on the right. Ben knew he could outrun the cop as he had done before. If he waited until the last minute to turn, he would gain ten seconds, enough time to put enough distance between him and the cop to reach the next exit. He could again maneuver the streets to lose his pursuer. The turn was coming up fast. Ben had to make a decision.

Ben looked back at the cop still riding his back wheel. He downshifted to first gear and immediately felt the power in the engine’s pull. He moved the RPMs into the red. The bike stood ready to respond. It was time to turn onto the ramp and open the bike to make his run. He turned the throttle, and the engine roared louder.

Ben kept straight.

The turn grew smaller in his side mirror. Ben had no intentions of running with Catherine on the back, no matter how closely the police followed him. He would rather fight the battle in court and risk losing everything he’d worked so hard for. Running would only lead to capture. The second officer had no doubt run his license tag. If he ran, officers would just show up at his door and arrest him later.

They arrived at the restaurant, and the cop pulled into the parking lot behind them. Ben parked the bike. Another police car pulled in behind the second. Ben figured it was the cop that had first chased him. However, Ben couldn’t identify him anymore than the police officer could identify him. It was too dark, and he’d been going too fast.

            Ben took his helmet off and helped Catherine off the bike. She was still shaking. He gave her a comforting smile.

“Now we’ll have a nice dinner,” he told her.

            The officer saw Catherine from the police car and stared. It was the dress.

“Go get a seat for us, Catherine. I’ll join you in a moment.”

She tried to respond, but Ben interrupted her and repeated his request.

“Go get a seat.”

She walked in as one of the officers was getting out of his car.

“Is that your bike, sir?” the first officer asked.

“Yes, of course it’s my bike. Why are you following us?”

“We got a call about a guy speeding on a motorcycle and leading another officer on a high-speed chase on Highway forty,” the officer informed Ben.

“Okay. And what does that have to do with us?”

“You were riding a motorcycle,” the police officer pointed out.

“And a cop in California whipped Rodney King’s ass,” Ben retorted. “Was that you? You’re a police officer. As big as this city is, you followed me because I was riding a motorcycle? You’ll make detective. I’m sure I don’t own the only motorcycle in Whitesviille.”

“Your bike fits the description. Two riders on a black bike.”

“That was the description. That’s it? ‘Two riders on Douglas Avenue on their way to dinner’?” he asked. Ben picked the street closest to the restaurant as an added touch. “Now I understand the complaint when black people argue that they all fit the description of ‘suspect is a black male.’”

            “Calm down,” the officer said.

            “I don’t need to calm down. I’m not upset. I’m just pointing out the obvious. You’ve been riding my ass for what seems to have been twenty minutes or more since you made that u-turn and pulled up behind me. If I was running from the cops, I would have ridden faster than forty-five miles per hour, don’t you think?”

A third patrol car pulled into the parking lot.

“I have a question for you, detective. Why did you cut your lights? You could’ve pulled me then and we could have had this conversation fifteen minutes ago. I could be in the restaurant having dinner with my girl, but instead I’m outside in the parking lot talking with you.”

            “Can I see your license and registration, sir?”

“Sure.” He popped the bike’s storage compartment and calmly gave his information to the officer. The second and third officers were still sitting in their cars.

“Mr. Wade, what are you doing out tonight?” the cop asked.

            A smile cut Ben’s face.

“Are you kidding me?” He laughed a little more before answering. Ben was relaxed, unmoved by the officer’s presence. “You are the detective in training. Well? We’re standing in the parking lot of a restaurant. Didn’t you see my girl? We are out on a dinner date. I want to show her a good time. We heard Gustava’s is the place to eat, so we’re trying it for ourselves. So far, our good time has just been a night of harassment.”

            “I saw your girl. She’s a beautiful woman,” the officer commented.

“I don’t care to hear your personal opinion about my fiancée. I just asked if you saw her dressed for the occasion. It was a rhetorical question.”

It sounded like an argument to those witnesseing their conversation. The door of the third cruiser opened and the officer got out. He walked over to the bike, giving Ben a stern look-over. His lips tightened and his eyes narrowed. His chin raised to the left to stretch his neck muscles, then dropped down again. His eyes sparked, and then a smile appeared.

            “Ben Wade,” the officer called.

“You know this guy?” the first cop asked.

“Oh yeah, this is Ben Wade, one of the local bail bond boys.”

            “How you doing, Joe?” Ben asked

“Everything’s been good for me,” Joe responded.

“I wish I could say the same. Apparently I’ve been running from cops all night. The detective here figured that out while following me around town for twenty minutes. A motorcycle rode past an officer with a guy and a girl on it.” He looked at the second officer. “I guess I’m on the only bike in town.”

“I heard the call.” Joe turned to the other officer. “He’s good. Let’s go. Ben, see you around. Stay safe out there.”

Ben gave Joe a nod.

“And keep it under seventy-five, will you?” Joe turned to walk back to his car.

“We’re leaving, just like that?” the officer said to Joe.

“Just like that,” Joe said. “Unless, of course, you have something that proves he’s your guy. If he is, do you blame him? I’ve seen his girlfriend. Wouldn’t you put a rush on it if she was your girl? Maybe I’ll become a bondsman and make all that money so I can go out with a bombshell.”

            The second officer was not satisfied.

“I know he’s the guy,” he said.

“Can you prove it? Are you going to tell his lawyer that it was him? Do you have the evidence to prove it was him?”

“No . . .”

Joe looked at the officer and smirked.

“You know, another thing about that little sexy thing in there: that’s Catherine Murthy, daughter of Bill Murthy, of Murthy’s Law Firm. Do you really want to bring her daddy down from his penthouse office to protect his little girl? No evidence, no case. Nothing else to say about it. Let’s go”

Ben watched the officers walk back to their cars. The three cars pulled out and Ben went inside. He hadn’t been worried. He’d broken the line of sight. The officers couldn’t hold him responsible for speeding unless they could identify him, and he hadn’t broken any laws while being tailed by the second officer. Being a bondsman did have a few benefits. Now and then some of the cops told him how to get over on the law.

Inside the restaurant, Catherine was already seated. He went to the table and sat down.

“What happened? What did they say?” Catherine was still worried.

            Ben had just raced her through the city in a high speed chase. They’d broken the law, and three police officers had been outside the restaurant. If they’d been caught, it could have jeopardized her career. Knowing the outcome now, she wasn’t mad, but she was still nervous. Her adrenaline was up and she felt weak and nervous. When Ben had told her to go inside, she was fine with leaving because she didn’t want to give her name.

            “Nothing much. He just talked to me about a couple running from the cops on a motorcycle. Asked if I knew anything about it. I told him no. He also said that he liked your ass. We talked about why I was out tonight, but mostly the conversation was about your ass.”

            “I guess I wore the right dress for the occasion,” she said.

            “I guess you did. It never hurts, after you’ve led a high-speed chase, to have a little eye candy for the cop trying to arrest you,” he said.

            Catherine’s expression signaled her change in emotion. Ben read her thoughts about what might have happened if she’d been caught through the wrinkles that creased the soft skin of her face. He could see her anger. He could see her concern. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. Racing down the highway with a cop chasing her was exhilarating, but now he could tell the feeling had passed. Her daddy would have killed her. Catherine had done some naughty things in the past. What rich girl hasn’t? But tonight was over the top.

“Ben, you could have ruined me. What were you thinking?”

“At the time, to get the hell out of there.”

She was not amused by his comment.

“You could have killed us. They could have caught us! How could I explain to my father, to my clients, that their star lawyer went to jail for fleeing the police at a hundred miles an hour?” Her anger returned.

“Hundred and twenty, actually.”

“What?” Catherine shook her head and dropped it to her hand. She had no idea how fast they’d been going. She started laughing, relieved that she was still alive. Her anger once again diminished.

            “When I get you home, big boy, you’re going to have to answer to my court of law for your crimes. I sentence you to three hours of physical labor with no possible chance of parole. You have to clean out my pipes, relax my tension, and cause my rivers to flow for your crimes against the state.”

“I want to talk to my lawyer,” he said. A grin appeared on his face.

            They had dinner. The meal was good, and the restaurant was added to their list of restaurants to return to. Then they left to return home. As they got on the bike, Catherine reached from behind Ben and blew him a kiss through the helmet.

“Keep it under eighty, big boy,” she said into her mouthpiece.

            The bike engine roared and they rode into the night.

They pulled into Catherine’s driveway eighteen minutes later. The ride was much shorter coming back through town. Ben parked the bike in the garage. He had the feeling that he would not be going home that night. Not with a slanted jury against him. He had been sentenced to intense, physical labor. Even though he was tired from his meal, his body called [O1] for her. Catherine looked too good in her sexy little backless dress for him not to get her candy.

            Once they were inside, she walked him up the steps to the bedroom. Catherine closed the door behind them, leaning against the knob for balance.

“Are you ready to serve your sentence, you bad, bad boy? You owe me some serious hard time for your crimes.” Her voice was soft, absolute, and sensuous. “Do you have anything to say for yourself before serving your sentence?”

“I’m guilty as charged,” Ben answered.

Catherine walked over to Ben and pushed him backwards until he fell onto the bed. He sat on the edge, looking up into her eyes. She stared back at him with control. She pulled his shirt over his shoulders and pushed him flat on the bed. Her hands freed the buttons on his pants, and she pulled at the zipper until it stopped. Ben lifted to pull his pants beneath his knees. She stopped him. She reached down to pull at the hems until they slid off his legs. She straddled his body. They kissed. She broke their kiss quickly, but returned to his lips for a second taste. Her tongue passed through his lips, raveling with his. Passion took over. They slipped further into instinct. She traced his lower right cheekbone with her lips until they found his ear. Her tongue lightly inched along the inner wall, and she moistened his outer ear before covering it with her mouth. Catherine reached her hand into his underwear and grabbed his manhood. She stroked it.

“Undress me.” She stared into his eyes.

Ben obliged her. He removed her clothes carefully until she wore only her bra and panties. She reached over her head and behind her back. Her bra fell loose. She removed it and laid it next to the bed. She never broke her gaze with Ben’s eyes. She laid back against the bed. A smile formed.

“Taste me through my panties. Taste me, you fucking bad man.” She slid her body up against the headboard of the bed. Ben lowered his head until he was between her legs and she wrapped her legs around his head.

Ben could taste her. The taste grew more distinctive with each passing moment. Ben moved the cotton to the side and plunged his tongue deeper between her legs. A heavy flow ran down his cheeks. The minutes passed until she could not take it any longer.

“I wasn you in me. Fuck me now. Fuck me now. Serve your sentence.”

Ben freed her from her underwear. He removed his own. Her desire changed after seeing his erection. She took him into her mouth. Ben’s legs lost their strength, and he pushed against her head for support. Her saliva ran down his cock as she lost herself listening to his moans. Her eyes closed as she increased her speed of motion. Ben fell on the bed, and she adjusted without breaking her stride. She looked up at Ben and slid him from her mouth. She jacked him as she leaned to kiss him, and then returned to her work. She continued to jack him as she moved her head in rhythm with her hand. She lifted her head and used only her hand to stimulate him. They kissed and Ben’s hand caressed the back of her head.

“Tie me to the bed. My scarf is over on the dresser. Tie me up and fuck me.”

Ben took the cloth into his hands and tied her to the post. Her hands were bound. Her legs spread apart and Ben got a good look at her toned body. The sight of her breasts tightened his erection and he took in the full view of his Brazilian waxed target. His approach was low. He lined himself up and pushed his way into her vagina, stretching her to pleasure. His cock disappeared within her. Catherine gasped an acknowledgement of entry.

He wasted no time in establishing his rhythm at her command. Catherine wanted to be fucked hard. He hit her deepest depths and she continued to moan with each dive against her inner walls. It felt like he was in her uterus, and at times the pain made her flinch. She pulled against the scarf. She wanted to grab him. She couldn’t. She wrapped her legs around his back and squeezed. Her fight increased his drive to fulfill her. His back popped beads of sweat as his thighs rose and fell between her legs. His thrusts shortened and he gave her short rapid stabs. She pressed her lips to his. It wasn’t a kiss, just her only option of defense against his attack. She screamed in pleasure.

“That’s it. Ooooooh. That’s it.” Her moans grew louder then softer. She pressed her face against his chest. Her mouth hung open, pulling in deep breaths. Her hands fisted. Ben felt the stream gush against his stomach. He was damp and Catherine was shaking violently. Her outward cries accompanied her convulsions. Ben continued. Catherine begged for relief

“Wait, please . . . wait.” Her moans changed to please. “Please wait . . . That . . . that’s enough, I’m ready for you..!”

Ben ignored her.  He continued, knowing she was experiencing multiple orgasms. She was a squirter. He focused now on his own pleasure. It was no longer about timing his rhythm with hers. He went into a sprint of gyrations. His time was nearing. He controlled his breathing but moved like a firing piston.

“Ben . . . Ben . . .ah, shit!” Catherine went still. Her body lay motionless beneath him. Her pull against the scarf relaxed. Ben went as deep as he could and held his position, pressing harder against her. She felt his release inside her. He pushed against her until the pulsing stopped. He leaned and kissed her on the forehead, then fell beside her on the bed. He reached up with one hand to loosen the scarf. Her arms free fell to her side.

            Ben served his sentence, and they both got early release for good behavior. Catherine finally answered Ben’s need for a women’s touch. It was late, but it was worth the wait. Had they shared themselves earlier, had she made love to him when he needed her, the moment would have meant more. Since it was on Catherine’s time, it was just good sex without understanding or support laced into their passion. But sex was sex. The two fell asleep in each other’s arms. Catherine didn’t even bother to remove Ben’s love from inside her. It slowly found its own way to the sheets.

Ben slept for only an hour before his phone rang. It was Ronnie. Ben silenced the ringing, turned his phone off, and put it back on the nightstand. Tonight he was having cell phone issues. Ronnie would have to cover the bond himself.

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